Vanni Security provides a wide range of services for individuals and corporate organisations. Our partnership with major suppliers and manufacturers ensures that we can not only supply but also maintain a wide range of security equipment.

Vanni Security is a complete security solution provider. Secure Transportation of valuables is Vanni Security’s star product. We introduced the armoured cash and valuables in transit business to Nigeria in 1975. As earlier mentioned, apart from armoured transportation and transit services, Vanni Security is involved in many other areas of the security industry. Services include:

CIT and Secure Logistics: VISS transports currency and other valuables for a wide range of clients. Our current client base includes banks and other financial institutions, retailers and other corporate organisations. The secure transportation of cash continues to play a major role in currency circulation across the country.

VISS provides a significant proportion of this transportation and has done so for over 50 years. As the forerunners in secure cash transportation in Nigeria, we continue to provide a dedicated service to our clients. We currently operate across the whole of Nigeria, providing cross-country transportation of valuables by land, and air.

Security Services: VISS provides security services using on-site guards or via remote surveillance. Manned security still provides one of the biggest deterrents to opportunistic crime. It also provides the benefit of a capable guardian by using trained security officers on client premises.

We can supply Electronic Security Systems including Access Control and CCTV systems, especially important for high security establishments and locations. Other services provided include Close (VIP) Protection, Event Security, and Asset Management and Tracking.

Training: our range of training services cover different aspects of security from defensive driving techniques to surveillance training and VIP protection. We also provide training in the use of security, EOD and safety equipment.

VISS offers a range of consultancy services from business process redesign to strategic assessments and production of command-and-control strategies for the security community.

Our services ensure that we can contribute to a safe and wealthy nation by; providing security to lives and property, managing the risk of investors/entrepreneurs by providing solutions to their expressed and latent safety demands, protecting lives and property using pre-emptive security technologies, protecting assets and valuables from criminals using physical and remote surveillance, empowering clients to be security consciousness through seminars and training workshops.

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